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Starting the program

guiLiner may be run from the command line or by double clicking on most systems with a JRE installed (see above). Its behavior when started may be of three types:

  1. If started with a single argument which is the path to a valid XML file then guiLiner will immediately start up in user mode.
  2. If it is started without any arguments (such as by double-clicking) a dialog will appear which allows you to select an XML file containing the information on a hosted program.
  3. If started with more than one argument (usually from a command line), guiLiner will output a usage message to the console and exit.

If you are a developer and would like users to have a seamless experience starting guiLiner and running your program you may want to include a script that starts guiLiner and specifies the XML file directly and instruct users to use it rather than start guiLiner on its own.

Nicholas Manoukis 2007-11-14