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Saving your work

If you would like to save the option values as you currently have them set, an easy way to do this is to select File - Save XML File (Fig. 1.1 1). This will cause guiLiner to save an XML file (which it can parse or you can read) with all the current option values included. If you'd like to reload that particular set of values, then, you need only open that XML file (usually using File-Open XML File, though there are other options [described in 2.1.2]).

You can also save any content that is in the console and error panes by selecting File - Save Console/Error. This will generate a text file with the text currently in these panes. This option may be especially useful at the end of a run or if there are program errors you would like to preserve for later study.

Nicholas Manoukis 2007-11-14